BitControl: editor plugin for Bit 01/99 synths

I’ve just made the first release of my editor for the Bit 01 and Bit 99 synthesisers. I doubt that anybody here has one of those – hopefully so! – but maybe people will find it interesting as a (hopefully) working MIDI plugin written with the wrapper.

It’s available from

I will be refactoring the code some for the next release – there is at present an unholy mess of bad coupling between the class that holds a patch and the parameters. Too many things in the wrong places. So don’t look at this as a stellar example of OO design.

By the way, it may be noted that there’s no Mac VST. That’s because I can’t get it to work. I’ll be making another post about that.

I own a bit99
And do a bit of juce
I was thinking of doing an editor for it, but first wanted to make sure non was available already.
Didn’t test yours yet.

Are you totally sure you can’t send individual parameter changes ?
I mean it’s a pain to resend the whole program.
I see nowhere in the manual that says so.
From what I understand, I believe it should be feasible to send individual parameters.
I’ll test more tonight and will let you know.

Unbelievable – did I post this almost five years ago??

Well, it’s still around (and so am I!) – but now see Rather long in the tooth, but I could update it one of these days I suppose. Source is available too.

As far as I know, the Bit 99 does not offer any way to perform individual parameter changes over MIDI, but if you find one, I would be very interested to know about it.

In practice, sending an entire program is not as bad as it sounds; the programs are very small and updates occur quickly. There simply aren’t very many parameters in the synth. Try it and see what you think.

Anyway, it’s probably better to discuss the editor on the Crumar mailing list, but I’ll be happy to talk about the code, if I can remember it. :slight_smile:

I hadn’t seen when you posted this originally :smiley:
Anyway, when I have some time, I try and send some sysex to this bit and let you know.
I’ll subscribe to the mailing list too