Blank screen Tiger PPC DP7 AU

I’ve got a user that is reporting a completely blank screen using OS10.4 on a dual G5 with DP7.11 - I’ve grabbed the latest tip yesterday (Mon 17 May 2010) and built a copy of my plugin and sent it to the user to double check, and it’s still not working. Any ideas? I’ve tried searching the forum for blank screen type issues but can’t find anything relevant. It’s all working fine for me on OS 10.5 Intel and 10.6 Intel - does anyone else have any blank screen issues on 10.4 PPC?

Please ignore this for now, I just realised I had bypassed the carbon UI in tested the keyboard being stolen issue in Live. I’ve sent the user another build, this time with a carbon UI, I’ll report back when I have more.

Ok, thanks. I have to admit I’ve not tested with (or used) a PPC for a long, long time…

Just received a note from the user. There is a setting in DP7 something along the lines of “float plugin window on top of all others”. With this disabled the screen plugin ui only blanks out occasionally, and can be made to redraw by selecting it again as the focused window - so he is back up and running again at least. He is still to use the latest tip build (with the carbon ui enabled again), but at least this gives a clue as to what kind of issue it may be - that the host is switching the level of that plugin host window to the top all the time and the juce one is being left behind because of it. I’ll post more info as it arrives - nothing much to do till then.