Blowfish compatibility with other blowfish implementations


I need to encrypt some text in an AWS Lambda instance in part of a web response, and then decrypt it in JUCE. Has anyone done this before? I figured BlowFish would be a good way to go. I’m using the crypto module, but there are a few different blowfish implementations available: bf, bf-cbc, bf-cfb, bf-ecb, bf-ofb.

The OpenSSL documentation has a bit more info on these:

As you can see from the "enc" help text, OpenSSL supports 4 cipher variations of Blowfish algorithm with 6 aliases:

"bf" - Alias for "bf-cbc"
"blowfish" - Alias for "bf-cbc"
"bf-cbc" - Blowfish in CBC mode
"bf-cfb" - Blowfish in CFB mode
"bf-ecb" - Blowfish in ECB mode
"bf-ofb" - Blowfish in OFB mode

I also found more reference here:

I can’t seem to find in the JUCE documentation what operating mode the BlowFish class uses. Before I do a lot of tedious trial and error (or interpreting the source code), has anyone tried this before?