Blurry text and polygons on iPad pro / retina display



while deploying to iPad I noticed that polyline rendering is blurry (for example when rendering an SVG with diagonal lines via Drawable) and that also text rendering is not really crispy as one would expect from a retina display (you can see with naked eye the antialised “pixels” that are rendered).

I have read all the forum posts I could find regarding retina and resolution but I could not reach a clear conclusion.

Is this a current JUCE limitation or there is some flag I should set?


I seem to remember that if you supply a low-res bitmap for that startup screen picture thing that iOS requires, then the OS decides to force your entire app to run at the same resolution. That sounds like what you’re seeing because of course there’s no inherent limitation on the resolution juce uses to draw.

Thanks jules, I’ll try that!

Ok, by setting a custom launchscreen.storyboard file into the project with the proper resolution the display is now super crispy, thanks! :slight_smile:

(For sure, rendering of some elements shows some slow down, e.g. scrolling a ListBox by dragging it with fingers when “kinetic scrolling” is enabled.)

Now the only thing I would need to know now is how to set this higher resolution splash screen via the Projucer.

Regards, and thanks again for the tip!