Both host and plugin statically linked with JUCE


I have both a host application and a dylib plugin statically linked with JUCE 1.53.

Compiling them with -fvisibility=hidden isn’t enough as all “@interface” in the juce_mac specific implementations aren’t hidden, thus resulting in dlopen to fail.

Is there a method to hide those “@interface” to the host?

Obj C stuff needs to be prefixed. Unfortunately, there is no two-level namespace

Thanks, prefixing all the defined interfaces with “_” did the trick; even though I have to build juce twice with different native code.

can’t you use JUCE_ObjCExtraSuffix ?

I wasn’t aware of that define; that could have saved me some modifications.

I guess the result would be more or less the same.

Nevertheless, I’ll keep that in mind for future juce upgrades. Thanks.