[BR]: Bug restoring window positions from saved state on Linux

On last tip (develop) i get almost the same problem that already reported below. Except that now the top left coordinate is kept good, but the height of the window recovered is constantly growing at each save/load turn.


Edit: I’m on Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS.


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It seems that the title bar height is wrongly added now.

Ubuntu 20.04LTS on T430 laptop.

Sorry, I don’t now how to edit mp4 on that computer… :thinking:

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Is there any chance to get this fixed, or do i have to use a workaround to crop the additional space?

See also:

I can confirm. With setUsingNativeTitleBar (false); (JUCE decorations) it keeps window sizes. But with “true” (when windowmanager decoration used) it increments window size by header and frame of WM every time.
Looks like it gets the size with WM header and borders, not just the content of the window.

DE - KDE Plasma/KWin_X11

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Thanks for reporting this. I can reproduce the problem and have a possible solution in the works. I’ll update the thread with how it goes.

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The fix is now out on develop

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It seems to work fine. :grin: Thanks! :partying_face:

But sadly it doesn’t fix the other one related…