BR: painting an empty RectangleList paints something

If I set a colour gradient and paint an empty rectangleList, I have a beautiful gradient background.
Shouldn’t it just paint nothing?

To reproduce just create the default ui app with projucer on mac and use that paint code:
(tested on mac only)

void MainComponent::paint (juce::Graphics& g)
    g.fillAll (juce::Colours::whitesmoke);

    auto colourGradient = juce::ColourGradient::horizontal (juce::Colours::yellow,
                                                            juce::Colours::red, getLocalBounds());
    g.setGradientFill (colourGradient);

    juce::RectangleList<float> rectangleList;
    g.fillRectList (rectangleList);

That does seem unexpected. I’ve reproduced the issue, I’ll try and get a fix up soon.