[BR] regression in macOS rendering in JUCE 7.0.6

After updating to JUCE 7.0.6, I have found that the rendering of some aspects of my UI are noticeably degraded when compared with JUCE 7.0.5 master.

For example, the following Drawable loaded from an SVG appears noticeably “thinner” in JUCE 7.0.6, whereas its expected look is the one rendered by JUCE 7.0.5.

Before (JUCE 7.0.5):

After (JUCE 7.0.6):

With git bisect, I have found that the change happens because of this commit:

For reproduction, attached is the SVG file. The images above are obtained rendering it inside an DrawableButton (ImageFitted), 30x30 in size, with an edge indent of 6, on a non-retina display.

drawable.svg.zip (1.1 KB)


I can confirm this regression in my projects; I use SVGs with text and lines for many parts of my GUI; they are rendering thinner and less accurately. This is a big problem, I hope someone from the JUCE team can comment. Removing that small change does indeed make it go back to how it was. This is blown up 400%:

Take a look at the"tails" of the note flags…

Another example - some toolbar buttons (zoomed in):


I’ve reported this on several locations already but guess it was considered minor by the JUCE to team over the bug fixes in 7.0.6.


Hello, I’m affected by this as well, happy to see that I was not the only one to notice!
This is very visible when you have thin lines, the Projucer is affected as well!

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This is fixed in 7.0.7:


Great thanks!