BR: WebBrowserComponent can't be navigated to with a screenreader


Currently it is impossible to navigate to a juce::WebBrowserComponent using a screenreader. You can sometimes get elements within the web view to focus by clicking on them (so it is not totally invisible to the OS). Also, after doing that and tabbing around for a bit, the focus quickly gets stuck, as if the web view’s focus is being interfered with by the component hierarchy in some way.

This can be observed with the WebBrowserDemo in the Demo Runner. When focussed on one of the navigation buttons or URL, after tabbing along or using the screenreader key + arrow keys, the focus doesn’t get given to the WebBrowserComponent.

This does currently mean we are unable to make use of the WebBrowserComponent since it is not accessible enough!

Tested on Big Sur and Win 10



Is there an update on this feature by any chance? Thanks