BR (Windows): Standalone App, high cpu usage when monitor is off

Hi everyone,

I found an issue on both Demo Runner and my app where, after turning off the screen, the cpu usage jumps from less than 1% to 11%. This happens on both master and develop branches of JUCE. This issue is mostly impacting impared users testing the accessible beta version of my app.

The root cause seems to be in [External Code] which unfortunately is not available.

This problem doesn’t appear on JUCE 6.1.6. It seems to be showing up from JUCE 7.0.0 .

The issue seems to only happen on Windows Pcs that have dedicated graphics with both Intel/AMD cpus.

JUCE version: 7.0.2
OS: Windows 10 21H1
Machine Specs: i9 9900k, rtx 3060, mobo Z390 Designare
Profiled with Visual Studio 2022