Breaking Change: SystemTrayIconComponent macOS Mojave support


SystemTrayIconComponent::setIconImage now takes two arguments, rather than one. The new argument is a template image for use on macOS where all non-transparent regions will render in a monochrome colour determined dynamically by the operating system.

Possible Issues

You will now need to provide two images to display a SystemTrayIconComponent and the SystemTrayIconComponent will have a different appearance on macOS.


If you are not targeting macOS then you can provide an empty image, {}, for the second argument. If you are targeting macOS then you will likely need to design a new monochrome icon.


The introduction of “Dark Mode” in macOS 10.14 means that menu bar icons must support several different colours and highlight modes to retain the same appearance as the native Apple icons. Doing this correctly without delegating the behaviour to the operating system is extremely cumbersome, and the APIs we were previously using to interact with menu bar items have been deprecated.