Bristol / UK / South West - Meetup

I'm polling for general interest in a JUCE meetup in Bristol for South West UK.

This would be for the near future, within the next couple of months.

Please vote yes or maybe here if you're likely to come:

I'm in, will add my name to the poll...


Looks like this will be a low key event as there are only 5 responses to the poll. Any others interested in the meetup please show interest by 15 April so we can arrnge a suitably sized venue and type of meet.

Well 5 is enough of a crowd :)

Happy to suggest a venue if needed.. 

Did I miss this? Any Jucers around the South West up for meeting up at some point? 

There was no additional interest but yes 5 is enough! We should at least meet up. I'm busy most of this month but after that would be good. PM me and we can chat