BroadcastMessage & JuceAudioPlugin

hey jules,

just wondering if there was a reason why a JuceAudioPlugin fails to respond to broadcast messages from the message manager? I’ve registered the filter object as a broadcast listener, but messages broadcast from another test filter don’t get the callback going. is there an obvious reason for this?

If it’s a plugin, then remember that they’re all running in the same process, and broadcasting is for inter-process comms. Between filters, you can just send a normal message.

i thought it might be something like that.

i’ve never tried to get two plugins to talk to each other. how would i go about getting the pointer to one filter from another? i’m not too familiar with the way that plugins exist within a process. would a singleton class be the same across all of the plugins that use it? if so i imagine i’d register with one of those.

am i warm or freezing? :slight_smile:

brilliant, just tried it out and it works a treat.

thanks :smiley: