BubbleMessageComponent should be in front of PopupMenu

I'm using a custom popup-component which use a BubbleMessageComponent, which appears always behind the popup.

So make the bubble always-on-top?

does not help (even bring to front).  I open the popup from a plugin window (not sure if that makes a difference)

Call toFront() on it? I don't know, but it's just a window like any other, there's nothing special about it..

um does not help, the bubble is still behind the popup.

This is what i doing right now, do you have any ideas?

void Fader::refreshBubblePositionAndText()


    if (bubble==0)


        bubble=new BubbleMessageComponent();






Just in case it matters... does this happen for all platforms?

I only ask as I've noticed some odd window Z-ordering issues too in other situations, but they only happen to me on OSX (never on Windows).