Bug: Component::contains() fails when dragging from ListBox

As per subject, it happens in AU plug-ins hosted in Logic on M1 chips.

I suspect the same happens also in other Apple hosts.
The problem doesn’t happen in Standalone on same architecture, and neither in AU on Intel machines.

I have attached code to reproduce the issue: simply generate the Basic plug-in with Projucer then replace the source files with those in the attached ZIP (only the Editor is meaningful actually, I haven’t touched the processor)

As you can see in the screenshots, when dragging an item from the list on the white component, Component::contains() returns “true” when in Standalone, but “false” if it’s the AU plug-in in Logic.


Also not sure if it’s related, but when I’m dragging a row in the AU, the dragged image has a reddish tint overlapped to it, that shouldn’t be there (the one in the standalone is the expected look of it)

Source.zip (6.5 KB)

Gentle request for attention?

The red tint issue is to do with the display of bridged views in plugins hosted out-of-process. The issue is on Apple’s side. I investigated this late last year: BUG? Popup Menu Background and Logic Silicon

I’m not able to test the drag and drop issue right now, but I suspect the observed behaviour is also due to the out-of-process bridging. Perhaps the additional window which shows the selected item is consuming mouse drag events. Could you try changing the true to false at juce_ListBox.cpp:128 and checking whether this allows the drag to succeed?