BUG: drawGlyph function BUG is exists while using "drawFittedText" and "setTransform"

I checked the version JUCE “5.3.2”, “6.0.1”, “develop branch(2020/09/28)”.

I try to use the function “drawFittedText” and “setTransform”.
Then, the character layout is broken. (original.png)
The Character is over other character.
This BUG occurs on the condition that the scale of X and Y are different.


So, I comment out below and character width is fixed.(fix_module.png)
Will you officially fix this BUG?




void drawGlyph (int glyphNumber, const AffineTransform& trans)
	//if (std::abs (xScale - 1.0f) > 0.01f)
	//   f.setHorizontalScale (xScale);


void Display::resized()
	characterTestComponent_10x10.setBounds(0, 100, 100, 20);
	characterTestComponent_15x15.setBounds(0, 150, 100, 20);
	characterTestComponent_20x15.setBounds(0, 200, 100, 20);

	characterTestComponent_15x15.setTransform(AffineTransform::scale(1.5, 1.5));
	characterTestComponent_20x15.setTransform(AffineTransform::scale(2.0, 1.5));

class CharacterTestComponent: public Component
	CharacterTestComponent() {};
	~CharacterTestComponent() {};

	void paint(Graphics& g) override {
		auto aArea = getLocalBounds();
		Font aFont;
		aFont = aFontPrm.withPointHeight(20);
		g.drawFittedText("drawFittedText", aArea, Justification::centred, 1, 0.5);

Hi. you should check if Juce 6 has this issue, as that is the most current version of JUCE and that is the version that will receive have the bug fix if one is required.

I tryed in the JUCE6.0.1 and develop branch, but this Bug is also exists.