BUG: File::isOnHardDisk makes false assumptions about A: and B: on Windows

File::isOnHardDisk () assumes that drive A: and B: are floppy disks, and returns true on e.g. mapped network drives.

I think it would be best to just remove the special case for A: and B: (lines 583 and 584 in juce_win32_Files.cpp) and trust the return value from the OS. No computers built in the last 5-10 years even have traditional floppy drives anymore.


I miss those days… the sound of the disks chugging and whirring, the anticipation waiting for things to load… :blush:

oh and the excitement of 256 colours when VGA cards arrived :astonished: (a big upgrade from EGA’s 16)

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Thank you :smiley: