[Bug] FileChooser with UNC paths broken in master branch (juce_URL.cpp)

I noticed today that my windows code using juce::FileChooser no longer can open files when using a UNC path, i.e. a path specified like that: \\myMachine\someFolder\theFileIWantToOpen.txt
I believe this bug has been introduced with juce_URL.cpp commit 3b130b10fe4846f918baef561ce1850e81e99fd4 on Dec 14 2017.
Steps to reproduce:

  • have current 5.3.1 master branch on Windows 10 on a domain
  • build AudioPluginHost
  • start it and save the graph in MyDocument as myGraph.filtergraph and close the app
  • In windows move the file to another machine on the domain (read/write access rights is a prerequisite), let’s say \\myOtherDevMachine\GraphFolders\myGraph.filtergraph
  • start AudioPluginHost and File>Open browse to the path above.

In Debug it will raise an assertion in File::parseAbsolutePath and the final retrieved pathname will be the app’s location folder
Can you please fix that? This is a major problem for my customers.


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Thanks I’ll get this fixed.

This is now fixed on develop with commit 6dbb975.

Thanks for the quick fix, it does the job