Bug? Filenames and underscores

if I make a new plugin project and add a bunch of source files called e.g.


On Windows these files are added to the Standalone subproject instead of the SharedCode subproject when I open the solution in Visual Studio.
Same thing happens if I name them like this:


Only this time they are added to another subproject, guess which one?

Is this a bug?
If so, please fix it :slight_smile:

If it’s a feature, where is this documented and how can I turn it off?

Something similar happens if I make a custom juce submodule.
If I name my files e.g.


The directory structure gets basically screwed up.

Thanks guys!

Also: If you use them on macOS for ID’s, your AU’s will not work, is my experience.
Simply using spaces in the ID’s is there the solution.
You might also try to just have spaces in your filenames, you need “”'s around to include files then, but it should work.

Hi @guitarpolson, yes I know there are workarounds, but in my case I can’t simply replace underscores with whitespaces (specific coding standard).
Any feedback on this from the juce team?

This was a bug, should be fixed on develop now:

Awesome, thank you @reuk!

@reuk I guess there is a bug is this commit, there will be no binary build for AudioUnit, only from looking at it, i guess isInPluginClientSubdir (“AU”)) in line 1215 must be isInPluginClientSubdir (“AUv3”))

Sorry about that, there was indeed a bug in that commit. The issue should be fixed on develop now.

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