Bug in child window (vst plugin) mousedrag?

anyone have experienced bugs in mouseDrag if your component is a child window of a not-juce window ? i’ve compiled the test code for the vst plugin, but all mouse events occurred with an offset equal to the distance of that child window from the left/top screen… very weird…
anyone have workaround for this ?


I’ve got a fix for this ready for the next version - it’s a bug in Component::getScreenX(). If you want to hack it temporarily, the code should be:

[code]int Component::getScreenX() const throw()
return (parentComponent_ != 0) ? parentComponent_->getScreenX() + compX_
: (hasHeavyweightPeerFlag ? getNativeWindow()->getScreenX()
: compX_);

int Component::getScreenY() const throw()
return (parentComponent_ != 0) ? parentComponent_->getScreenY() + compY_
: (hasHeavyweightPeerFlag ? getNativeWindow()->getScreenY()
: compY_);


thanx jules, you gr8 !!!