Bug in vprintf for the mac 10.3 version

The return code needs to be changed.

int CharacterFunctions::vprintf (juce_wchar* const dest, const int maxLength, const juce_wchar* const format, va_list& args) { #ifdef MACOS_10_3_OR_EARLIER const String formatTemp (format); size_t num = vprintf ((char*) dest, maxLength, formatTemp, args); String temp ((char*) dest); temp.copyToBuffer (dest, num); dest [num] = 0; return (int(num) > maxLength) ? -1 : int(num); #elif defined (JUCE_WIN32) return (int) _vsnwprintf (dest, maxLength, format, args); #else return (int) vswprintf (dest, maxLength, format, args); #endif }