Bug in WebBrowserComponent


there seems to be a bug in WebBrowserComponent on iOS,  although it may be an iOS bug. If you create a WebBrowserComponent and view a page on the iPad in landscape orientation  (simulator or real device) then a dropdown lists will drop down horixontally, even though the web page is rendered in the correct orientation. This little snippet is enough to demo that



    Rectangle<int> screenRect = Desktop::getInstance().getDisplays().getTotalBounds(true);

    setBounds( screenRect );

    webBrowser = new WebBrowserComponent;

    webBrowser->setBounds(0, 0, getWidth(), getHeight());




Any ideas?

Using Xcode 5.1.1,  iOS 7.1 (simulator & device),  JUCE 3.0.5

I checked on the iOS demo code in the PrintWebView example and this works fine, so it's definitely a JUCE thing. Can't for the life of me work out why the JUCE component isn't working. Idea's anyone?

Must be due to the way the juce windows use a transform to rotate themselves when the device is rotated, but I don't know why the web-browser doesn't also automatically adjust..! There must be some kind of special iOS setting that needs to be used to tell the browser what's going on, but I'm stumped..!

If you can point me to where the transformation is done, I'll see if I can find the problem

Oh, it's nasty stuff! The file to look at would be juce_ios_UIViewComponentPeer.mm