[bug report] AudioSourcePlayer cannot playback audio after re-plugging the initialized audio device

This can be reproduced by using the AudioPlaybackDemo in the DemoRunner.
When I use an audio device and re-plug it, the AudioSource held by AudioSourcePlayer cannot be played and stopped by clicking the “Play/Stop” button. (which is using the “start” and “stop” method in the AudioTransportSource)
But in the “Settings” menu, the output device does automatically redisplay the device I replugged.
And the “Test” button (which should play the test sound), also does not work in this situation.

I want to develop an audio playback function that automatically plays back audio using the default device without being disturbed by device changes.
But with AudioSourcePlayer, I can’t find a suitable way to deal with this problem.

Is this an issue with AudioSourcePlayer, or AudioDeviceManager? If not, how should I solve this problem with a suitable solution?

In addition, I am using 64-bit Windows 10.

Can anyone solve this?