[Bug report] iOS button won't return to buttonNormal state automatically

Hi JUCE team, @t0m

I need to report an issue on button state for iOS.

By default the textButton has 3 states for background colour, normal, over, down, and the colour will update due to which state it is. For desktops it works pretty good, but for touch screen like iOS devices (both standalone and AUv3), after you clicked the button, it doesn’t recover to normal state, still in buttonOver state (it become normal once, then hop back to buttonOver state), you have to click another place on the screen to set it back to normal state. For using a mouse on iOS device it would work fine just like on desktops.

This might seems like a little issue not worth fixing, but actually it’s fatal for touch screen interaction platform, cuz the button state will eventually effect the color of that button, therefore gives faulty visual feedback to user, and confusing user.

Please help fix this issue, thanks in advance!

Thank you for reporting this, we are working on a fix.

A fix is now available on develop

Thanks for reminding! Already updated to it, works amazing!

Btw I found another bug about button state stuck, but this time it’s on keyboard shortcut, hope you can help check it out, here’s the report thread.