Bug report - Issue with AudioDeviceSelectorComponent

Hello to the JUCE team !

I have just observed an issue with the class AudioDeviceSelectorComponent. I have created an object with the following command:

selectorComponent = new AudioDeviceSelectorComponent (*deviceManager, 0, 2, 0, 2, false, false, true, true);

When I make that component visible, I get this:

Of course I set the bounds as large as possible. It’s on Windows 8.1 64 bits in an app. It seems that when no input and output sources are selected, the button “advanced settings” is displayed when it shouldn’t be visible. I can even click on it there and make it diseappear…

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Perfect thanks !

Something else is going on…I can’t select my device. It looks disabled, but if I click on it, it works.

But then, the settings aren’t saved in my standalone plugin. This is with the latest on Develop.

Is this a regression? Is there a version of JUCE where the behaviour has changed?

definitely a regression, i haven’t tried to bisect it yet but it seems like it happened within the last month on develop? will play around this weekend and try to find a culprit.

oh hah - just updated and it seems fixed on develop, thanks!