Bug: run file chooser dialog box - Cantabile

JUCE commit [f5aa881b6] “FileChooser: Improve modal behaviour in plugins on Windows” broke Cantabile file chooser dialog box.
When run file chooser dialog box it’s impossible to save / load or even abort Cantabile.
Only solution is to kill Cantabile.exe.
I can only reproduce this with Cantabile, after JUCE commit [f5aa881b6].

Thanks for reporting, that should be fixed here:

It might also be worth filing a bug report with Cantabile. It seems like Cantabile is doing something that causes window events from the native filechooser to be delivered to the main plugin window. While we are able to work around this in JUCE, it seems a bit odd, and doesn’t happen in other hosts.


FWIW the same issue happen in Reason Studio