BUG: setting JUCE_FORCE_LEGACY_PARAM_IDS=1 makes parameters disappear in AudioUnit


  • open InterAppAudioEffectPlugin PIP
  • add Xcode(MacOSX) exporter
  • set JUCE_FORCE_LEGACY_PARAM_IDS to “Enable” in the juce_audio_plugin_client module
  • compile AU
  • open AU in Host (Ableton Live in my case)


no Gain parameter is shown:

expected behaviour:

the parameters are present as when not enabling JUCE_FORCE_LEGACY_PARAM_IDS

I’m on e3233ae230ac0c13f73ee2d08bd8f2c9b12c4b19.

I used the InterAppAudioEffectPlugin because it is using the AudioProcessorValueTreeState as in my Plug-In where I’m observing this issue.

Thanks for the report.


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That was quick, thanks a ton!
How are you handling bug fixes like this? Are you integrating them into master as hotfixes?

Yes, once this has spent a short while on the develop branch I’ll cherry pick it to master.

much appreciated!

In case someone else might find this useful:

In my case, the parameters of the AU version of my plugin also disappeared in Live 9 or 10 even though I did not have JUCE_FORCE_USE_LEGACY_PARAM_IDS enabled in my project.
Enabling it and updating Juce to master right after this fix fixed this for me.