[Bug] Slider textbox lookandfeel not affected by LnF change

If I addAndMakeVisible a Slider with textbox when the LnF is already created in the host component, the LnF is applied to the textbox; however if the host component has its LnF changed after the addAndMakeVisible has been called, the LnF is not applied to the Slider’s textbox. Test case scenario: use a LnF with the following ColourIds defined:

    setColour(Slider::textBoxTextColourId, Colours::green);
    setColour(Slider::textBoxBackgroundColourId, Colours::green);
    setColour(Slider::textBoxHighlightColourId, Colours::green);
    setColour(Slider::textBoxOutlineColourId, Colours::green);

Is this still a problem on the latest develop? I can’t reproduce it.