Bug? - Standalone - Audio/Midi Settings - Weird behaviour

The default behaviour is that only the maximum of channels can be selected, even when the plugin supports less channels. I have a plugin which supports up to 64 in and out channels, but also less. This results in the weird behaviour that you can’t unselect the checkbox, only add additional check-boxes. The problem is minNumInputs and minNumOutputs is 64, but it should be zero.

The minimum number of channels will be evaluated in juce_StandaloneFilterWindow.h line 270, from the default config, which makes no sense.

The easiest solution is just to remove the minimum channel detection, and replace them with zero, because it can also be the case the device has less channels than the plugin supports, and this has to be considered either way.

So line 283 can be changed to:

    o.content.setOwned (new SettingsComponent (*this, deviceManager,

Would it be possible to make this change happen?