Build automation for Windows, Mac and Linux


I am quite new to JUCE have a general question: does anyone have experiences in automated building of JUCE projects for Windows, Mac and Linux? How would one approach to this, say we want to use Jenkins for build automation? There is no way around having one server for each operating system, right? Would those be Jenkins slaves? Are there any resources on that?

Many thanks!!

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Yes, there are only a few cross compile options: iOS will be built on a Mac/OSX machine and Android can be built on any machine. Theoretically it might be possible to cross compile Windows on Mac, but I would expect a lot of time going into setting that up, so it’s probably not worth it.

I’ve seen both variants, you can run the Jenkinses independently, which saves some hassle setting things up. But if you have it as slaves you have a nice overview and only builds, that succeeded on all platforms.

Resources are probably the Jenkins website and the plugin lists there, but you will need some google and stackoverflow, unless you are a genius (if so, get in touch, I bet there is a job for you :wink: )

Thank you! I do have some experiences with Jenkins, I meant to ask if there are resources specifically for the use case to continuously deploy JUCE applications to multiple platforms.