Build Logic Midi FX

Finally Apple have found a way to handle midi output from a Au plugin. The new Midi fx plugin seems the way to go.

Jules, are you considering to incorporate that in JUCE?

Sure, though too busy right now to do the research.. Any tips or code that people could contribute would speed things up.

It's realy easy but not/less documented!

Just define:

 #define JucePlugin_AUMainType             'aumi'  
 //or kAudioUnitType_MIDIProcessor, but it's not defined in AUComponent.r

216: @constant kAudioUnitType_MIDIProcessor

Plugins of this type process midi input and produce midi output. They do not produce audio.



It is supported since SDK 10.9 and is only available for 64x AU's.

NOTE: auval will always fail, but you will find it in Logic Pro X (only that host do support that - requires OS 10.8?)

auval -64 -v aumi 'xxxx' 'xxxx'

LIMITS: MIDI FX AU's will be NOT transported (the processBlock will never called in my tests!)  welcome! :D

@monotomy - Did you (or anyone) figure out a way to get processblock called so we can stream in/out MIDI data?




Hi mibix,

take a look at this thread:

Oscar got it working - I'm trying this too.