Bundling VST3 Plugins

I’m building a number of VST3 plugins that are designed to work together, and I would like to ensure that the versions of the individual plugins always match.

Is there a way to bundle multiple VST3 plugins in a single binary with JUCE? E.g. a Waves style shell plugin?

JUCE doesn’t support that.
Keep in-mind that also WaveShell is pretty much scanning and running other dlls.

Also JUCE itself doesn’t have currently way to create a workspace like project that contain multiple plug-ins.

The “multiple plugins in a single binary” is an official feature of VST3, but yeah, it’s not supported by Juce…(The MDA plugins in the Steinberg SDK is an example of that in action.)

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Shame, would have been a neat solution. Maybe I’ll just go with a single installer for all the plugins then.

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