Button and ApplicationCommandTarget status

i’ve built a complete application, that have a toolbar object, which handles a set of Buttons each one of them triggering an ApplicationCommand. Which is the best method to update the state of the buttons status (enabled/disabled… the same as you do in Menu) based on the status of the Command they’re triggering ? i have to plug a timer in the toolbar that check from time to time the application command state (but could be resource intensive) or i should use another method ?
could be good to have in the command manager some way (a set of callbacks or whatelse) to notify this automatically so i don’t have to write spaghetti code for enabling/disabling buttons every time something changed in the app. anyway the command target is saving from messy code a llot, especially when dealing with menu states !

This is something I’m going to add to the app command stuff, and will make the button enablement automatically update itself. Will try to do it soon…