Button loses visibility when bounds are set anywhere but upper-left corner

Hello all,

I’ve come across some weird behavior I can’t seem to figure out. I’ve created a plugin with a simple GUI consisting of a background image (ImageComponent), some rotary sliders (custom class inheriting from Slider, thanks @matkatmusic for the awesome tutorial), and a button (custom class inheriting from Button). I have also created a custom LookAndFeel class. The background component and rotary sliders all render as expected, but the button is losing visibility when rendered in its intended position.

I am currently running JUCE v6.1.6 on Linux Mint 20.2.

I am ovrerriding the paintButton() method here:

void BypassButton::paintButton(juce::Graphics& g, 
                                bool shouldDrawButtonAsHighlighted,
                                bool shouldDrawButtonAsDown)
    juce::Colour bgColor;

        bgColor = juce::Colours::grey;
        bgColor = juce::Colours::silver;


And the drawButtonBackground() method:

void LookAndFeel::drawButtonBackground(juce::Graphics& g,
                            juce::Button& button,
                            const juce::Colour& backgroundColour,
                            bool shouldDrawButtonAsHighlighted,
                            bool shouldDrawButtonAsDown)
    g.fillRoundedRectangle(button.getBounds().toFloat(), 4.5f);

I am setting the button’s bounds as so:

void PoopSmearerAudioProcessorEditor::paint (juce::Graphics& g)
    // (Our component is opaque, so we must completely fill the background with a solid colour)
    using namespace juce;
    g.fillAll (Colours::black);

void PoopSmearerAudioProcessorEditor::resized()
    // This is generally where you'll want to lay out the positions of any
    // subcomponents in your editor..
    using namespace juce;
    auto bounds = getLocalBounds();


    auto knobArea = pedalBackground.getKnobArea();  
    auto driveArea = pedalBackground.getDriveKnobArea();
    auto levelArea = pedalBackground.getLevelKnobArea();
    auto toneArea = pedalBackground.getToneKnobArea();
    auto buttonArea = pedalBackground.getButtonArea();

    // DEBUG stuff
    if (bypassButton.isVisible())
        printf("Button is visible\n");
        printf("Button is not visible\n");

    printf("Button Center: %d, %d\n", bypassButton.getBounds().getCentreX(), bypassButton.getBounds().getCentreY());
    // \DEBUG

And the pedalBackground.getButtonArea() method:

juce::Rectangle<int> PedalBackground::getButtonArea()
    auto pedalArea = getPedalArea();
    printf("pedalArea Width: %d\n", pedalArea.getWidth());
    auto pedalBottom = pedalArea.removeFromBottom(pedalArea.getHeight() * 0.66f);
    auto buttonLabelArea = juce::Rectangle<int>(pedalBottom.getWidth() * 0.8f,
                                                pedalBottom.getHeight() * 0.8f);
    auto buttonLabelBottom = buttonLabelArea.removeFromBottom(buttonLabelArea.getHeight() * 0.5f);
    auto buttonArea = juce::Rectangle<int>(buttonLabelBottom.getWidth() * 0.9f,
                                            buttonLabelBottom.getHeight() * 0.9f);
    // DEBUG stuff
    // buttonArea.setX(buttonLabelBottom.getX() / 2.f + (buttonLabelBottom.getWidth() * 0.05f));
    // buttonArea.setY(buttonLabelBottom.getY() / 2.f + (buttonLabelBottom.getHeight() * 0.05f));
    // DEBUG stuff
    printf("ButtonArea Width: %d\n", buttonArea.getWidth());
    printf("ButtonArea Height: %d\n", buttonArea.getHeight());
    printf("ButtonArea Center: %d, %d\n", buttonArea.getCentreX(), buttonArea.getCentreY());

    return buttonArea;

When compiled and run, the plugin renders without the button visible (it should be a silver rounded rectangle like the one with the text on it), as seen below:

However, the debug output shows:

pedalArea Width: 240
ButtonArea Width: 172
ButtonArea Height: 90
ButtonArea Center: 150, 352
Button is visible
Button Center: 150, 352

which are the expected values.

Even weirder, if I remove the buttonArea.setCentre(buttonLabelBottom.getCentre()); line from the getbuttonArea() method, the button renders as expected in the top left corner as expected (I’m new, so I can’t attach a second screrenshot).

If I move the button around from there, I can see the edges getting cut off as I move it away from the top corner.

My repo can be found at: GitHub - bobforcha/PoopSmearer

Please forgive my juvenile sense of humor.

If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it. This is my first non-tutorial plugin attempt, and it’s been great otherwise so far!


Bob Forcha

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You called button.getBounds() in your draw button background method… you probably meant getLocalBounds()

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button.getLocalBounds() it was! Thanks so much @ImJimmi !

@bobforcha you’re welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed the tutorial!