ButtonAttachment questions

AudioProcessorValueTreeState::ButtonAttachment's documentation says:
“During the lifetime of this SliderAttachment object”.
That’s probably a typo/pasto?

Also, wouldn’t button.getToggleStateValue().referTo (state.getParameterAsValue (paramId)) work? Why is the button attachment class needed?

Hi yairadix,

Thanks for the heads up, the documentation is fixed in develop now.


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Cool, and do you have any insight on my second question:

Why is the button attachment class needed?
Wouldn’t just button.getToggleStateValue().referTo (state.getParameterAsValue (paramId)) work?

That would work, yeah. The ButtonAttachment and ComboBoxAttachment classes are more there for continuity with the SliderAttachment class, which adds some functionality for gesture detection when changing audio parameters with a slider that isn’t possible using the Value::referTo() method.

Hope that answers your question,


But it looks like unlike the slider attachment, the button and combo-box ones do not set the parameter gestures.

I don’t know if JUCE agrees with the Zen of Python’s “There should be one - and preferably only one - obvious way to do it”, but redundant classes/code are a pet peeve of mine…

It would be good if the ButtonAttachment and ComboBoxAttachment classes did register the gesture start and end. Otherwise these changes can’t be recorded as automation (in some hosts).


Thanks for the suggestion Martin, I’ve added those changes to the develop branch.


Just a quick heads-up that this fails if more than one ComboBox or Button is attached to the same parameter since they both do a begin gesture then their end gesture (resulting in an assertion in a debug build).