C bindings for JUCE? (for use with Rust)

I’ve been interested in Rust for a while. As there are only minimal audio libraries currently available for it (a PortAudio and CoreAudio wrapper), I’d like to try using it with some of the JUCE audio classes. In order to use Rust with a C++ library, it needs to have C bindings, i.e. wrapping classes/functions in “extern C”.

Is this something the JUCE team would be up for providing, or would this need to be a community effort? I am initially interested in the audio_devices and audio_basics modules.

I’m bumping this to express a little bit of interest in RUST. I have spent just a couple of days getting my head around syntax as it is a complete mongrel of a language and yet very easy to write bug free code from the off.

It’s still indeed lacking decent frameworks but once you dive into threading it’s very good at keeping everything error free.

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shoutout to rust-audio. There’s also this for idiomatic rust UI.

I think rust shows incredible promise for pro multimedia software

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100% agree, but cross-platform GUI in Rust is definitely not ready yet.

Yeah I havn’t found any decent UI lib yet. Did however manage to make a WAV encoder / decoder in about 2 hours as a get under the hood kind of project and wasm-pack with rust seems even easier than emcc with c++. I’m defo going to give me quick online mastering service a rust overhaul especially since the .wasm has zero bloat with wasm-pack.

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