C++ / JUCE Developers Needed - Both Contract & Full-Time

Hi all! We have several new opportunities available - short and long term contracts, as well as full-time opportunities in the UK, US, and Europe.

Are you an experienced developer seeking a new opportunity? It’d be great to meet you and see how we can help you progress in your career.

Here are just some of our available roles…

Intermediate / Senior JUCE Contractor (long-term - remote)
Intermediate JUCE Contractor (both short and long-term - remote)
Senior JUCE / C++ Contractor (3 months - remote)
Senior C++ Engineer (UK - full-time)
C++ / DSP Engineer (UK - full-time)
Senior Game Audio Programmer (UK or Remote - full-time)

We also have new roles coming in all the time, so please get in touch if you’d just like to hear about our new opportunities.

To find out more, please email me josh@theaudioprogrammer.com

Happy coding!

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