C++ programmer for touch screen DAW

Help us create a super fun and easy DAW for the major platforms! All of us are Ableton, Garage Band, ProTools, FL or Cubase users.
This would be a full time position is for a musically inclined C++ programmer to be a part of a very small team of developers making world class, revolutionary audio software.
Must be very comfortable doing C++ and posses an unhealthy interest in making music.

Skills & Requirements
Required knowledge
JUCE, C++, Object Oriented design, Git, Visual Studio
Audio concepts and enough DSP to be dangerous

Preferred knowledge
Boost Library (when JUCE isn’t practical)
Scripting languages such as Lua, python when given the option
Cross platform development (Win32, OSX, iOS)
Scrum/Agile Development
Experience in music recording/production
A love of different popular music genres (dubstep, hip-hop, dance rock)

We are located in Austin, TX. We would prefer to find a candidate that is close to our geographic location.