Calling AudioProcessorParameter::setValueNotifyingHost() without notifying listeners?

I’m using an AudioProcessorValueTreeState object to handle the AudioProcessorParameter’s within my plugin, using AudioProcessorValueTreeState::Listener::parameterChanged() to find out when the host has changed any of the parameters (so I can update the plugin UI), and calling AudioProcessorParameter::setValueNotifyingHost() when my UI needs to change the value of the parameters (so I can update the host).

However calling setValueNotifyingHost() in turn call’s parameterChanged(), which is not ideal (as this will cause a message ‘bounce back’ in my case). Is there any way of notifying the host of parameter changes without notifying the parameter listener?


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I’m afraid there’s no convenient way of doing that.

I’m having a problem with some linked parameters related to this in my Audio Unit plugin under Studio One. I found that, for that situation, at least, calling setValue() instead of setValueNotifyingHost() seems to work fine. But is that a fluke of Studio One and AU? Will such a change break other hosts and/or plugin formats?

EDIT: Oh, no, it’s not working right. It’s no longer updating my linked parameters if I do that. Damn.