Can I build app with JUCE that allows custom VST plugins with multiple audio AND midi track inputs?

I would like to build a DAW-like standalone application wherein I can load any number of MIDI files and Audio files. I can then load a custom VST plugin that itself can accept input from any number of those audio tracks (simultaneously) and also any number of MIDI tracks (simultaneously).

  1. Does VST support multiple audio track input, multiple MIDI track input, and combination of both?

  2. Can I build the above environment in JUCE?


Fair point. Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

Is it possible, then, to load a couple of “entrypoint” VSTs onto a bunch of audio/midi tracks in a DAW, and then have a main VST (or some other standalone application that receives input from the entrpoint VSTs somehow (OSC??)) receive audio/MIDI streams from each entrypoint VST? This way I won’t have to create DAW features; i can create a VST which takes input from multiple tracks in the DAW simultaneously.

Is it possible to do this?


More clearly, my question is:

is it possible to have a VST (or standalone) that receives input from multiple audio tracks and/or multiple MIDI tracks, simultaneously - and can each be independently processed - from a DAW?

In theory VST3 supports multiple Audio and MIDI inputs, however MIDI is interpreted in a very “special” inside a VST3 that makes it incompatible with JUCE. Read more here: VST3 (midi) and JUCE

Hmmm I read through the link you provided, as well a few others. So if I understand correctly, using VST3 you cannot output detailed MIDI events. You also cannot read much detailed MIDI events inside your plugin? So I should probably use VST2?

My use case requires reading in detailed MIDI events, from multiple channels. I guess I need to use VST2?