Can I copy cell or row contents in a TableListBox?

Hello JUCE Users,

I'm new to JUCE and UI in general this year but JUCE is working really well for me and I'm on my second app.

I am using TableListBox with multiple columns.  

Is there any way to 1) see and 2) copy the full contents of a cell or row?


I am using TableDemo.cpp from the JUCEDemo as a starting point, so I am drawing the table directly from XML, no custom components.


Thanks for info and ideas


The table is just a UI component that lets you draw your content in a table-shaped layout.. It doesn't provide any services to manage or manipulate your data model for you. It's the job of your own code to store and modify your data in whatever way is appropriate, and to draw bits of it in the table when the table asks you to.

That makes sense to me.  

So I want to have a component that implements a copy().  Looks like the TextEditor and CodeEditorComponent are available.

It would be great to have a "TextTableListBoxModel " that uses TextEditors for each cell of a table.