Can I get the currently used DAW & Project Name?

Hey there!

I’m pretty new to the JUCE framework and I’m working on a project and I was wondering if I could even implement it because I need to somehow get the currently used DAW and project name.

I also need to know if the plugin was added more than once, whether on the same or a different channel.

Thanks in advance :smiley:

For the current DAW, you can use PluginHostType. I’m not sure if there’s any straightforward way to get the project name in a way that works across multiple hosts and operating systems, though.

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You can detect the current host with PluginHostType :

Getting the project file name isn’t part of the Juce API (and probably not part of the individual plugin formats, either).

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I want to create a Discord Rich Presence and thought this would be the best way to go as a VST plugin is the only way I know to run code across all DAWs on any OS. :roll_eyes:

The AudioProcessor class has this function:

void AudioProcessor:: **updateTrackProperties** (const AudioProcessor::TrackProperties&) {}

That responds to hosts that provide the track name to the plugin, but I forget which hosts I’ve tested pass on that information. Most do not. (It also includes the track color, for some reason, but nothing else.)

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Just a heads up that PluginHostType is broken on the latest Logic and FinalCutPro on OS 11 Big Sur:

Which the exact circumstances are to trigger that behaviour is yet to be determined. It has to do with the out of process rendering that Apple now proposes.

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