Can JUCE host AUv3 MIDI generator plugins on iOS?

As the title says, does anyone know if JUCE can host AUv3 MIDI generator plugins on iOS (e.g. Bram Bos Rozeta plugins)? I thought I’d done this previously but might be remembering incorrectly – the plugins don’t seem to be detected as MIDI effects.

I guess potentially this is because JUCE is using the old AudioUnit code rather than AUAudioUnit under the hood – perhaps there’s no backwards compatible bridge for these MIDI generator plugins (which according to Bram Bos’s doc at AU MIDI Plugins, make use of midiOutputEventBlock)? If so, is there any plan for JUCE to move to support the AUAudioUnit interface?

Ah, turns out all the producesMidiMessages stuff in is scoped to #if JUCE_MAC only. Removing those makes it work fine on iOS, so there is backwards compatibility. I’ll submit a PR to JUCE with this change but I guess there may be backwards compatibility reasons for it, in which case I guess I’ll just keep my own fork with this change.