Can no longer symbolicate crash files

For my plugin, I add the following to my Projucer file:


Then when I get a crash report I can use atos to symbolicate. However, in my latest version of my plugin, it fails to symbolicate. Atos just gives me:

0x002977c7 (in *********)

When it used to give me a function name. Any idea what could have changed to so that it no longer works? Changes in Xcode, or atos version not up to date? I’m really stuck.



awesome find. i was having the same issue, but luckily i could switch to cmake from projucer so this should not be an issue anymore

Finally figured it out. I was building a static library with a newer version of Xcode than I was building my plugin with. Either atos from the older version of Xcode can’t parse the generated dSYM, or the dSYM was corrupt due to mixing of Xcode versions.

I updated my build process to build all dependencies and the plugin with the same version of Xcode and now I can symbolicate again.

I noticed the same. When using atos on Mojave with crash reports for a build (and dSYM) which were generated on Catalina (and probably a higher Xcode version) I got inaccurate results (though usually at least within the same function).