Cannot change sample rate on 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

I cannot change sample rate on JUCE demo and our JUCE application.
This behaviour seems to occur on only Mac OS X 10.6(Snow Leopard).

  1. Open Built-in Output. (sample rate = 44.1kHz)
  2. Change sample rate to 48kHz.
  3. Message “Couldn’t change sample rate/buffer size” is shown,
    and device is closed.
    (But sample rate shown in Apple’s “Audio MIDI Setup” is 48kHz.)
  4. Reopen Built-in Output.
  5. Now sample rate is 48kHz.

Yes, I’ve noticed this myself on 10.6, but can’t figure out what it is that they’ve changed. The device seems to be behaving very strangely when you tell it to change rate - I’ll need to do some more experimentation to try to find a workaround.

FYI I’ve checked in some changes that should fix this (hope it doesn’t break any other devices though!)

Seems to be a bug in the drivers - you tell them to change rate, which they do correctly, but they carry on reporting their old rate.

I had this error too, took the tip and it was fixed. Now, after updating to 10.6.2 from 10.6.1, the little devil is back sigh… Any news?

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Ooops, terribly sorry… It appeared to be a problem with Mac OS X. I noticed that I didn’t get any clicks when changing volume, and preview of audio files was also silent. I did some changes of which audio interface I am using, and that seemed to cure everything. It seems Apple is slacking off a bit on their previously rock-steady handling of everything… Alas.

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