Cannot close VST plugin gui on mac

I’m having a problem closing our plugin editor on VST/Mac. I have tried with 3 different VST hosts so far and the behavior is the same.

I just checked out tip of svn, and the behavior is the same. The same problem can be found with the demo audio plugin.



I don’t understand - you say it won’t close, but how are you trying to close it?


I am trying to close the demo plugin window by pressing the (red candy) close button on the window.

Behavior tested in Ableton Live, VSTi Host 3.13, Metro



ah - maybe the juce event handler’s intercepting the close button event. The culprit looks like it might be in juce_mac_Windowing.cpp, line 1080ish. Try this:

[code] case kEventWindowClose:
if (isSharedWindow)

        return noErr;  // (returning a notHandledErr would cause the OS to delete the window itself)


That did the trick,

thanks again, Jules.

Martin / 4Front Technologies

Yeah, I found this problem too. Thanks Jules!