canonicalWavChannelSet outdated?

It seems like the canonicalWavChannelSet needs updating to match the most common modern surround formats.

Firstly, the 7.xSDDS formats have never really been used, meanwhile the 7.0 and 7.1 film formats are still used a lot.
Plus we need 7.0.2 and 7.1.2 as the canonical formats for 9 and 10 channels.
Plus you should probably add 7.0.4 and 7.1.4 as they are used in the (now ubiquitous) Dolby ATMOS home theatre format, despite it not being available in many common DAWs (yet).

Here’s what I’d expect to see:

    if (numChannels == 1)  return AudioChannelSet::mono();
    if (numChannels == 2)  return AudioChannelSet::stereo();
    if (numChannels == 3)  return AudioChannelSet::createLCR();
    if (numChannels == 4)  return AudioChannelSet::quadraphonic();
    if (numChannels == 5)  return AudioChannelSet::create5point0();
    if (numChannels == 6)  return AudioChannelSet::create5point1();
    if (numChannels == 7)  return AudioChannelSet::create7point0();
    if (numChannels == 8)  return AudioChannelSet::create7point1();
    if (numChannels == 9)  return AudioChannelSet::create7point0point2();
    if (numChannels == 10)  return AudioChannelSet::create7point1point2();
    if (numChannels == 13)  return AudioChannelSet::create7point0point4();
    if (numChannels == 14)  return AudioChannelSet::create7point1point4();