Can't close DocumentWindow when CallOutBox open

On Win 8 and using native title bars, I've noticed that if I have a CallOutBox open I can't close a DocumentWindow by clicking the close button. I haven't tried it with a JUCE title bar, but it works OK with the native title bar on OSX.

The CallOutBox was launched using launchAsynchronously().

Is this a known behaviour?

well.. it's modal, so clicking somewhere else should first cancel the box, and the next click would be allowed to go through, right?

Yes that's how it works on Windows, and it's consistent with what I expected.  The thing is, on OS X you can click the app's close button to dismiss the app window without dismissing the CallOutBox first.

Maybe I should have posted this under the Mac forum and titled it "Can close..." ^)

I guess I just thought that many users would find it counter intuitive that the title bar buttons highlight but won't click.

Yes, I think that if anything's wrong then it's the OSX version, but TBH I don't know how feasible it would be to change that behaviour. Will have a think!

It's no biggie - it just struck me as weird.