Can't setStateInformation only in one plugin (custom plugin host project)

Hi from Mexico to all the Juce community!

I encountered a bug on a project I’m working on that it’s been really difficult for me to debug. I’m working in plugin similar to BlueCat’s PatchWork. In my plugin I can host any AU/VST inside my plugin and save the state as a presets like any other host. I’m storing the hosted plugin preset data in a XML file as a string, using a MemoryBlock.toBaseEncoding64 and getStateInformation to fill the MemoryBlock and setStateInformation for setting the state of the plugin. This works perfectly on all plugins I have tested, except on the Access Virus TI. For some reason, the Access Virus TI plugin isn’t responding to whenever I try to use setStateInformation(). I already tested the Access Virus TI plugin using other hosts and they set the presets correctly. This is strange because my code works perfectly on all other plugins, it sets the state correctly. I already tested that I was storing the MemoryBlock correctly and also retrieving the data correctly before doing the setStateInformation() function. My question, what can it be the cause of this bug or what approach will you recommend to find what is causing it? Why it only happens with one specific plugin?