Can't setup JUCE for ubuntu 22.04

I am trying to build my first JUCE project but get linker error when running makefile : "d from …/…/Source/Main.cpp:10:
…/…/Source/MainComponent.h:10:31: error: ‘juce’ has not been declared
10 | class MainComponent : public juce::Component
| ^~~~
…/…/Source/MainComponent.h:10:37: error: expected ‘{’ before ‘Component’
10 | class MainComponent : public juce::Component
| ^~~~~~~~~
…/…/Source/MainComponent.h:12:1: error: expected primary-expression before ‘public’
12 | public:
| ^~~~~~
" What I did was to install juce from ubuntu distro : sudo apt-get install -y juce-tools . I use gcc 12.3.0 and path to modules seems correct because I check it too before create the project . Also I use projucer for Makefile generation .

not enough information, are you using Projucer, CMake or have made your own Makefile?

I use Projucer for Makefile generation.

I didn’t know that debian packages was avalaible. I never tried myself. Official approach is to download from GitHub AFAIK < Download - JUCE >. Have you try to install all the packages < Debian -- Package Search Results -- juce >?

The Linux package isn’t an official distribution, so we can’t vouch for whether or not it works, but issues are reported about it regularly. Because of this it’s quite difficult to get started with it.

The officially supported ways of installing JUCE is either through the mentioned Download page or cloning the Github repo.

what version have you installed? also there is juce-modules-source-data and juce-modules-source

BTW I never tried packaged JUCE in Ubuntu
maybe it’s worth to try to build using upstream sourcetree?

Thank you all. I follow the Download - JUCE and now It works.